Cinco lançamentos na Rádio Expedição CoMMúsica

Cinco lançamentos na Rádio Expedição CoMMúsica

The Collapse – A Fitting Revenge – 01 The Collapse

Founded on April Fool’s Day 2012, Rochester, NY based band A Fitting Revenge (aka AFR), has been working to create premium crafted metal with a level of songwriting finesse not heard in quite some time.
Following their well-received first EP A Hero to Villains and follow-up Psychopath of Righteousness (while the band was still known under the AFR moniker), the band expanded the name and changed up recording styles. This was spurred by the loss of several members, including former vocalist Alan Rohr and the move back to a four-piece from the five member structure. Drummer Brandon Lewis was replaced by New York City native Aaron Smith and guitarist Ledwing took over vocal duties in addition to guitars. In 2015, the band welcomed back original bassist Chandler Moran.
With the lineup solidified, AFR set out to write an ambitious LP which was eventually announced as Tempus Fugit. The recording process was tumultuous, with the entire studio moving from one location to another mid-production and guitarist Zack Sweedler departing just after guitars were recorded.
Jazz guitarist and Eastman School of Music alumni Chris Xu was recruited for live shows, becoming an official member almost immediately. As of late 2018, after a brief summer run of tour dates, A Fitting Revenge was joined on bass by Grant Davis. The band is currently writing music for a new record, Omnipresence.

It’s Crazy  – Force It – 01 It’s Crazy

“FORCE IT” is a hard rock/metal band from Texas, formed in march of 2018 when guitarist Charlie Slocomb and bassist David Lara reunited to develop a high energy hard rock band.
Their music is packed with a high level of energy, driving power rhythms with matching leads, an aggressive power vocals that makes this band so unique.
Their unique writing styles have developed and created music that will keep you rocking and wanting more.
Check it out and join the force.

Band Members
David Lara: Vocals, bass guitar.
Charlie Slocomb: Lead/ rhythm guitar.
Al Solis: Drums.

E tem a banda In Solo com:

In Solo – Maktub

In Solo – Revolução

In Solo – Dias de Guerra, Segundos de Paz

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