Sepheroth • Goiás

Sepheroth • Goiás

Sepheroth • Goiás – World Time Case Sepheroth is a rockband formed in 2020 in São Luís de Montes Belos in a city in the inside of the state of Goiás!

The band released his first album called World Time Case, produced by the Loud Factory studio in São Paulo in the first half of 2021 and is available with Dito as a distributor on all digital plataform. The album comes with 12 copyrighted tracks:

Cheers In Course

Lipstick Blood

Tough Guy


Smoked My Last Thorn

Scalper Mommy

Shut Your Mouth Honey

Balloons Balloons And Fireworks

What Is Going On

Leaving All


Built In Pin

Owen, founder, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the album’s tracks brought to his compositions influences from The Stooges, Nirvana, Love Battery and Linkin Park, among many other influences.

The band follows with a web series on YouTube with video releases of selected tracks.

During the year, other three releases will be made.

Tracks: Cheers In Course, Lipstick Blood, Tough Guy are now available on the youtube band’s channel.

Cheers In Curse, with a minimalist concept, brought a peculiar proposal to the clip, making the spectator force his imagination for action, being the first Web Serie video, by Júlio Filmes, audiovisual producer working in São Paulo. The track was released on 08/04 and is already available on Youtube and Facebook.


The second music video released was the song Lipstick Blood, bringing a light mixture of joy with aggression, euphoria and loneliness. Released 05/17 and available on the band’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.


On June 19, the band made available to fans the Official Video Clip of the song Tough Guy. With an unpretentious and visually charged clip, all in the same box, one track portrays what exaggeration can cause in any area of ​​life, especially in these moments of isolation, euphoria and agony are always on the surface.



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Sepheroth it’s on the radio Expedição CoMMúsica.

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