Finnish prog n’ roll band Kick The Giant released their highly anticipated debut album Presence!

Finnish prog n’ roll band Kick The Giant released their highly anticipated debut album Presence!

Finnish prog n’ roll band Kick The Giant released their long-awaited debut album ‘Presence’ on July 5th 2024 via Inverse Records


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What would it sound like, if you´d take the cheesy part of the 80´s, stir it in prog soup, served on plate of rock music? After a while of pondering, the answer is pretty clear: this is the kind of music you would love to hear, but would not admit it. On this note it is easy to tell that after one EP and three singles, that’s what Kick The Giant’s music is all about . The bands music style is a blend of progressive rock, 80´s pop/rock and metal. Even if the groups music style has evolved and modified over the years, you still hear that same old sound what makes Kick The Giant sound like Kick The Giant.

The bands biggest influences are Toto and Dream Theater among others.

WATCH Stop Signs music video: 

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It was the summer of 2013 when Oskar Ketola and Tony Hentilä got together with an idea to form a band. Tony and Oskar had already played together in several bands and therefore the core idea for the band materialised easily. Oskars’ and Tonys’ mutual friend, Riku Rahm, joined the band soon after as their first drummer. The band performed as a trio for a while with a session bass player Kai Ketola. 

Several lineup changes later bass player Lauri Aho and drummer Emilio Jones joined the band and fulfilled the final lineup.

In 2014 Kick The Giant released their first single and music video “Skip!?!” which was followed by “No Boundaries” – EP in 2015. The music video for “Space Adventure Pt. 1 Pineapple” got some media attention back when the band was featured in a finnish music magazine “Soundi”. In the article Teppo Vapaus writes that the bands music is progressive, light-hearted and fun with some serious chops behind it.

The EP was followed by 2016 single and music video “Freedom” and in 2017 single “Sonja” which are the best known songs of the band..

For the past few years Kick The Giant has been working on their debut album “Presence” which is now released under Inverse Records. 

Kick The Giant – Presence (album 2024)
Track list:
1. Presence 
2. Statement
3. Out Of Time
4. Overture
5. Damned Or Divine
6. Stop Signs
7. Distant Memories
8. Mountain Of Nothing

Mixed by Santtu Lehtiniemi
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck  

Album cover by Olli Hyvärinen

Photography by Frida Lönnroos

Tony Hentilä – Guitar & Vocals
Oskar Ketola – Keyboards & Vocals
Lauri Aho – Bass & Backing Vocals
Emilio Jones – Drums, Percussions & Backing Vocals

Kick The Giant it’s on the Expedition Map and on Tucana Radio.

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